AKclock is a replacement clock for Windows machines that will allow you to display more information than is normally included with the standard clock. This includes displaying the date AND time while still using small taskbar icons and displaying the number of seconds (one my favorite features in OS X). The clock is almost entirely customizable including the following settings:

  • form width, height, color, and location on screen
  • font styling including: type, size, bold, italic, strikeout, underline, color
  • custom date/time formatting
  • The program consists of a single .exe file and a config file that will be created on initial launch. Download the .zip file HERE and extract it to any folder. Then, it is preferable to place a shortcut to the .exe in the Windows startup folder, usually located at:
    C:\Users\[user-name]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
    If the folder has been moved you can find out where it is located by:
    Clicking Start > All Programs > Right Clicking Startup > and Clicking Open

    The initial configuration settings are set to run on a 1920x1080 monitor with a small taskbar and standard Windows 8.1 theme colors. You will most likely want to adjust the styles to your own liking by right clicking the clock form and selecting Settings to display the following window which will allow you to adjust the size, location and appearance to fit your particular screen configuration. You may also left click the form to display a calendar


    The software offered on this page is provided "as-is" with no warranty expressed or implied. I have tested the clock on Windows 7x64 and 8x64 only.

    Click HERE to download the .zip file. If you notice any bugs (it's a feature!) or have any requests feel free to contact me.

    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Q: Does the 'show desktop button' work in the lower right corner of the screen?
    A: On Windows 8: YES. On Windows 7: NO (you can still use WIN+D keys).

    Q: Does this support Aero transparency?
    A: As far as I know you cannot actually 'replace' the clock on Windows, this technically just covers it up with a small window. Therefore, a transparent window would just show the original windows clock underneath. You should be able to set the form color to perfectly match your taskbar color as seen in the screenshots

    Q: Will you be opensourcing this?
    A: Yes! You can now download the initial code on Bitbucket. Feel free to fork it and add/remove/alter whatever you want.

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