My Projects


AKclock is a replacement clock for Windows machines that will allow you to display more information than is normally included with the standard clock. This includes date and time display while still using small taskbar icons and displaying the number of seconds (one my favorite features in OS X).

Arduino Thermostat

This is a simple project that uses an Arduino and a temperature sensor to alert a user when it gets too hot in a room by lighting up an LED. The LED can be replaced with something like a relay or a PowerSwitch Tail to control a desk fan or any standard electrical device. Full source code, wiring diagram, and a video of the project are included.

CSS Line Numbering

I couldn't find a very well documented (or attractive looking) way to number lines of code using CSS so I came up with my own solution. Every line of my style sheet is commented, hopefully this will help anyone else looking to do something similar.

Golf Island

Golf Island is a simple mobile game I created for Android and iOS devices where you play the role of a golf ball looking for his lost change. The game was written in C# using the Unity3D game engine.

Real Dice Roll

I got the idea for this app one day when I wanted to roll some dice but did not have any lying around. This is different than most dice rolling apps in that it does not just randomly generate a number, it rolls 3D dice on a tabletop using the physics engine in Unity3D.